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Mindy Paskell-Mede

Ad. E.

The office will be closing at the end of 2019. For ongoing matters, including invoicing, please continue to use the contact information as shown.

Thank you to all my clients and colleagues, from whom I have learned so much.

Mindy’s practice is focused principally on liability defence and coverage. She has extensive experience in the areas of professional liability, with a particular focus on financial risk, including accountants’ liability, as well as lawyers’ and directors’ and officers’ liability, and multi-jurisdictional claims. Her experience extends to dealing with specialised insurance arrangements, including captives, reciprocals and reinsurance. She is also involved in risk management and loss prevention, providing practice advice and seminars. She was editor of the Law Department of CA Magazine for 20 years. She serves on charitable and not-for-profit Boards.

Mindy has been named Advocatus Emeritus (Ad.E.) by the Quebec Bar, which may be compared to the common law Queen’s Counsel.  The award is presented to members of the Quebec Bar who gain distinction as a result of their outstanding professional career, outstanding contribution to the profession or outstanding social and community standing that has brought honour to the legal profession.

Contact Details:

Telephone (514) 898-4161
Address 950 - 1010, de La Gauchetière Ouest
Montréal, Québec
H3B 2N2

Unique Services

In addition to providing traditional services of coverage opinions, advice and claims monitoring, Mindy Paskell-Mede can assist in difficult situations:

1. Case Management

One too many cases?
Get it back under control with written reports on the status of procedural developments, analysis of the evidence, assessment of liability and damages, commentary on tactical and strategic options, and reserve recommendations for uninsured exposures. It may be that meeting with defence counsel and providing you with an overview of your position, with independent commentary is all that is required.

2. Complex Cases

A bet-the-firm case or particularly complex litigation?
The view of an independent person may assist you in considering the advice you receive from defence counsel. Would you benefit from a ‘partial’ mediation with your co-defendants by forging a common front, without public finger-pointing?

3. Fact-finding missions and witness issues

Litigation matters that present specific time-sensitive issues?
Do you need an internal file review or to interview/prepare witnesses, either together with or independently of defence counsel? Could you use a ‘translator’ between your technical team and defence counsel on accounting or auditing issues?

4. Selection of Defence Counsel and Experts

Unknown territory?
Is the litigation in a jurisdiction in which you have no preferred counsel, or is your preferred counsel precluded from taking on the file? Will you be engaging an expert you’ve never used before? Would it help to have someone with a practitioner’s view to assist in interviewing candidates?

5. Review of Pleadings, Expert Reports, Briefs and Facta

Have you lost the forest for the trees?
Sometimes, one becomes so close to the argument that it may not communicate your point of view to a judge who knows nothing about the matter or issues in dispute. A fresh pair of eyes can identify where explanation is required.

6. Insurance Issues

Turning the deal into words.
Do you need help drafting policy language, selecting between various insurance solutions proposed by your brokers or responding to insurer inquiries?

7. Independent Views

Is an old file presenting a new ‘surprise’?
Obtaining an independent view from someone who has never been involved in the file may be of assistance.

8. Portfolio Management

Have you lost a valued member of your team?
Have you inherited oversight responsibilities for a book of claims? Until staff can be engaged and trained, outside file review and management can keep this under control.

9. Claims Audits

Are you still responsive to your clients?
An audit can provide ongoing quality assurance within your department, a check-up on your relevancy to your clients’ needs, monitoring of outside lawyers’ compliance with your guidelines, or assistance with due diligence.


Need to hire but no time to train?
If there are projects I can take off your hands, you can claim back that time.


Listed and recommended in the following directories

Selected by Peers for inclusion in practice areas of Director and Officer Liability Practice,
Insurance Law, and Legal Malpractice Law2017Best Lawyers ® - Canada - 11th edition and earlier editions

Leading Practitioner in Insurance & Reinsurance (Peer Nomination)2016Who's Who Legal

Professional Liability Defence Law Firm of the Year in Quebec20162016 Corporate Intl Global Awards

Director and Officer Liability Practice / Insurance Law / Legal Malpractice Law2016Best Lawyers ® - Canada

"Lawyer of the Year" for Montreal2016Best Lawyers' Legal Malpractice Law

Leading Practitioner in Insurance & Reinsurance (Peer Nomination)2015Who's Who Legal

Lawyer of the Year - Director and Officer Liability Practice - Montreal2015Best Lawyers ® - Canada

Leading Practitioner in Insurance & Reinsurance (Peer Nomination)2014Who's Who Legal

Lawyer of the Year - Insurance - Montreal2014Best Lawyers ® - Canada

Selected by Peers for inclusion in practice areas of Director and Officer Liability Practice,
Insurance Law and Legal Malpractice Law2014Best Lawyers in Canada - 9th edition and earlier editions

Law Directors and Officers Liability - Montreal2009-2014Best Lawyers ® - Canada

Peer Review Rating of AV - Pre-Eminent 5.0 out of 5CurrentMartindale-Hubbell

Professional Liability2009-2014Canadian Legal Lexpert ® Directory

Top Lawyers2012-2013Martindale-Hubbell

Commercial Insurance Litigation2009-2013Canadian Legal Lexpert ® Directory

Ad. E.2011Quebec Bar

Mindy was awarded the prestigious Advocatus Emeritus designation by the Quebec Bar in 2011 in recognition of an outstanding professional career, outstanding contribution to the profession or outstanding social and community standing that has brought honour to the legal profession

Best Lawyer in Canada - Insurance and Legal Malpractice Law2007-2008National Post

500 Leading Lawyers in Canada - Directors Liability2006Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide


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